Welcome to Ascutney Trails

Ascutney Trails is a network of non-motorized, recreational trails that both scale the peak and hug the western base of Mount Ascutney in southeastern Vermont. Strikingly visible from interstate 91, the free-standing mountain straddles the three towns of Windsor, West Windsor and Weathersfield and towers over their three villages of Windsor, Brownsville and Ascutney. Most of the mountain’s forest land is comprised of Mt. Ascutney State Park, two town forests and Ascutney Mountain Resort, with its currently idle ski area. The network of 30 miles of mapped and marked MTB trails spreads across the ski resort in Brownsville, and the adjacent West Windsor Town Forest, and stands as a premier destination for mountainbikers from all over the northeast as well as hikers, trail runners and winter backcountry enthusiasts who prefer a more gentle terrain. There are 5 trails that climb to the peak from points around the base, for hikers and snowshoers only, as well as an auto road. It is the premiere hang-gliding takeoff spot in the area because of the mountain’s features and location, and is also blessed with a State Park campground and full service hotel plus numerous inns, campgrounds, restaurants and other amenities in the surrounding villages.

The volunteers of Sport Trails of the Ascutney Basin (STAB), a chapter of the Vermont Mountain Bike Association hand-built the biking/hiking trail network at the base of the mountain with its main trailhead at the resort in Brownsville, and maintains it with the help of the Town of West Windsor. Established in 2006 by a group of mountain bikers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, STAB is a volunteer organization, whose goal is to build and maintain a sustainable and viable local trail network through partnerships with public and private landowners in the towns surrounding Ascutney Mountain. Early on, STAB focused on the West Windsor Town Forest and Ascutney Mountain Resort land as a unique and contiguous forest to build a sizable, public trail network that could provide endless trail combinations and a huge variety of rides. Check their website for more information on activities.

Ascutney Trails Association‘s volunteer members have long been stewards of the summit-bound Windsor, Weathersfield and Brownsville Trails, which ascend the mountain from their respective towns to the awe-inspiring vistas from the observation tower and rock outcroppings at the top. The other two hiking trails to the peak, the Futures and Bicentennial Trails are managed by the state park, and the Town of West Windsor, respectively. The auto road, which climbs to a parking lot within an easy, 3/4-mile hike of the summit starts from the Mt. Ascutney State Park entrance on Route 44A on the mountain’s east flank.